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I was drawing at the very beginning, and people and cartoons became my favorite things to draw almost immediately. I was reading comic books by the age of five, so my figures got more sensational. And then STAR WARS came out, and being a nine year old I went ape for the movie, so then I started drawing Luke Skywalker fighting Stormtroopers. I don't think I've ever grown out of the fantastical human figure phase.


I drew comic strips for my high school newspaper and was a member of the National Art Honor Society (which may not exist outside of Ms. Sathoff's art classes). At College I was a studio art major and ate up the figure drawing and sculpting classes. The art history classes were my favorite classes, but I also really enjoyed philosophy, history, and political science. It was in the late eighties at college that I started drawing on the Amiga 2000 computer with a primitive paint program. Gosh, those pixels were the size of a small pre-industrial country! But I actually managed to sell a few of my computer paintings at the senior art show.






After college I was offered a job drawing caricatures at Six Flags over Texas in Dallas. I worked there and at the newly opened Mall of America through the nineties. While at the Mall of America the internet came around as a consumer medium. I took an HTML class and in 1996 I created my first website to offer my illustration skills online.


In 1998 I came back to Texas, but this time to Austin. I worked at two small dot com companies and in my sparse free time I began merging my traditional art skills with my digital and web-based skills. I began to do many varied projects from Flash animations to website design, from caricatures to company logos for individuals and small and large businesses. In the past several years I've begun doing single illustrations, coloring books, and whole children's books for many great people. In 2002 I created
www.Learn-to-Draw.com to try to impart to the world what I've learned.


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